Join us at the Baum Fest and its tattoo convention in Barcelona for the first exhibition of the tattoo writer in Spain.

The 25th edition of the Barcelona tattoo convention in the Catalan capital will feature the photographs of Akimitsu Takagi in a brand new exhibition. During three days, in Fira Barcelona, the Barcelonais will have the opportunity to come admire this unique testimony on the middle of the tatouage in Tokyo of the years 1950 left by the Japanese writer fou de tatouage. They will also be able to meet the author of the book the tattoo writer, Pascal Bagot.

Traditional craft photography

The exhibition has been designed in accordance with the technique used at the time the photographs were taken. Taken with a medium-format silver camera, the photographs are shown in the form of prints made by hand from the original negatives. It is likely that these prints were some of the first to be made since the photographs were taken. They were entrusted to a French master of the art, Pierluigi ‘Pilou’ Giannetti, a specialist in black and white photography.

Printing is an essential part of traditional photography. To find out more, watch a film about Pilou on our YouTube channel.

Barcelona, a key European event

For years, the Barcelona tattoo convention has been a benchmark for tattoo enthusiasts across Europe. For the past 25 years, the best artists of the moment have been coming together to showcase their talent and its expression in all styles, including japanese. Visitors have the chance to get tattooed on site by foreign artists from all over the world. Over the three days, competitions will be held to distinguish the most beautiful tattoos created on site, among other activities.

Baum Fest, a festival of urban cultures

The agreement is part of Baum Fest, the festival of urban and contemporary cultures. As well as putting tattooing in the spotlight, the festival features BMX and skateboard demonstrations, street art, DJ performances, concerts and exhibitions of motorbikes and custom work.