The tattoo writer first exhibition in North America will take place during the 19th edition of the major Quebec convention.


Twenty or so prints of Akimitsu Takagi’s photographs will be on show at the Montreal Tattoo Convention, in Quebec (Canada), on 8, 9 and 10 September at the Grand Quai du Port de Montréal, for a major free exhibition at the Grand Quai du Port de Montréal. On Saturday and Sunday, Pascal Bagot will be giving four talks, in French and English, to accompany this North American premiere.

Unseen photographs not to be missed

Many of the prints on display were made especially for the exhibition. In fact, they are likely to be the first to be made in the format chosen since the photographs were taken in the 1950s. Since there is no evidence in Akimitsu Takagi’s archives that any earlier prints of the images existed, who knows if they ever did?

20 fine art prints

The original negatives were used for this exhibition. Saved by the family in their photograph albums, the documents are in an exceptional state of preservation. To make the most of these old images, which are almost 70 years old, the prints were made by an expert in the field. With 40 years’ experience behind him, Pierluigi ‘Pilou’ Giannetti is a benchmark in the printing of traditional black and white photography in France.

Four conferences to take you further

On Saturday and Sunday, I’ll also be giving four talks on the history of these photographs. There will be two slots each day, depending on whether you are French-speaking (2pm) or English-speaking (4pm).

For years, the Montreal convention has been the benchmark for all tattoo enthusiasts in Quebec. Organised by Pierre (a tattoo artist) and Val Chapelan (both at the head of the famous tattoo studio Tattoomania), it has established itself as the benchmark for tattooing in Canada. Now in its 19th year, the convention brings together over 200 artists from all over the world to showcase the world of tattooing.

Quebec and Canadian friends, see you there!

More info on the Art Tattoo Montreal website.