Book on Japanese tattooing in the 1950s photographed by Akimitsu Takagi

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"The tattoo has an attraction comparable to that of opium: once under its control, all resistance becomes futile. For those who fall prey to it, nothing else matters."

Takagi AkimitsuWriter- Photographer
the tattoo writer sera présent à l'occasion des 20 ans du festival international du polar à Lyon en avril 2024 avec une exposition photographique chez Artribal Tatouages.NEWS
16 March 2024

the tattoo writer at Quais du Polar 2024 in Lyon

the tattoo writer is joining forces with Quais du Polar to mark the 20th anniversary of the Lyon International Thriller Festival with a photographic exhibition at Artribal Tatouages from Friday…
10 February 2024

the tattoo writer for the first time in the UK!

the tattoo writer will be exhibiting at the Brighton Tattoo Convention on 24 and 25 February then in Norwich on 2 March in the United Kingdom. During the two days…
2 January 2024

the tattoo writer at Tattoo Planetarium 2024!

The Tattoo Planetarium will be welcoming the tattoo writer for a brand new exhibition at its forthcoming event on 2, 3 and 4 February. The Paris tattoo convention, organised by…