To mark the re-release of the tattoo writer, I was invited by tattooer Stef Bastian to take part in his podcast Tattoo Tales.


For over an hour, we talked about the crazy adventure that is this project. First there was the discovery of the photographs, then the investigation to give these images a story. And finally, there was the work of publishing the book to pay tribute to this unique testimony and share it with everyone.

A look back at my career

Stef also wanted to talk about the years that led me to become an expert in the field of Japanese tattooing. We talked about where the adventure began, with the discovery of the work of tattoo artist Horitoshi I, and my decision in 2006 to get a tattoo in Tokyo. It took eight years to complete my kame no ko (or ‘turtle back’, a full tattoo of my back, buttocks and upper thighs). Of course we talked about the documentary The Way of the Ink (2009), my experience with museums, and then the discovery of the publishing profession with the book the tattoo writer.

You can listen to this lengthy interview for free on all the major platforms (Apple, Spotify, Youtube).

An essential podcast on tattoo culture

Tattoo Tales is a podcast dedicated to the world of tattoo culture and its history. Renowned tattooist Stef Bastian invites professionals and players in the field to talk about their careers, their work and their contribution to making this culture unique and exciting. Tattooer, trainer and talented illustrator Stef Bastian is also preparing the release of a collection of illustrations based on Dante Alighieri’s Inferno. The Italian poet, one of the greatest in the history of the Alps, came from Florence like Stef.