Join us on 21, 22 and 23 April 2023 at The Ink Factory tattoo convention at the Usines Fagor in Lyon for an exhibition of photographs by Akimitsu Takagi.


A selection of a dozen prints will be on show over the three days of the event, organised by Teo and Morgane Milev (tattoo artists and owners of Studio 681, Lyon). These images are taken from the archive compiled by the Japanese writer and published in the book the tattoo writer. They provide an unprecedented insight into the tattoo scene in Tokyo in the 1950s.

I’ll be on hand during the three-day event for a meeting/signing of the book the tattoo writer.

Exhibition of art prints

The prints on display were made from the original negatives, which are almost 70 years old. They were made by Pierluigi Giannetti, one of Lyon’s leading names in black-and-white photography. Pilou is one of the last great masters still working. His expertise lends added artistic value to these documents. To help you understand the role of the printer in traditional photography, we shot a short film a few months ago, which you can watch on our YouTube channel @thetattoowriter.

The Lyon convention, one of the best in France

For several years now, the convention has been the must-attend event for all tattoo enthusiasts in the ancient capital of Gaul. For the 2023 edition, over 300 French and international tattoo artists have been selected. Competitions will be held to reward the best work in various categories (best Japanese tattoo, best realistic tattoo, best traditional tattoo, etc.). The weekend will also be punctuated by a host of events, shows and performances, as well as concerts and exhibitions.