the tattoo writer will be exhibiting at the Brighton Tattoo Convention on 24 and 25 February then in Norwich on 2 March in the United Kingdom.

During the two days of the City of Brighton tattoo convention, some twenty silver prints will be on display, providing a unique insight into the tattoo milieu in Tokyo in the 1950s, as recorded by writer-photographer Akimitsu Takagi. Pascal Bagot will be on hand during the two-day event to talk about his research into this unique photographic collection.

Located on the seafront south of London, Brighton is home to one of the country’s biggest tattoo events. This year’s event brings together over 450 of the world’s best artists at the Brighton Centre. Exhibitions, including a tribute to British artist Xed Le Head, and concerts will be on offer to visitors all weekend. Since its launch in 2007, the Brighton convention has gradually established itself as one of the best tattoo conventions in the UK. In 2024, it celebrates its 15th anniversary.

Saturday and Sunday, doors open at 10am. To get your ticket, click here.

Brighton Centre
Kings Road
Brighton, BN1 2GR

Brighton then Norwich

After Brighton, the tattoo writer will be in Norwich (Norfolk) on Saturday 2 March for a special evening. The venue will be the medieval church of St Peter Parmentergate. In this exceptional, desecrated historic site, which today houses houses the Drug Store skate shop and a skate park, the public will be invited for an evening to immerse themselves in the history of these photographs thanks to a story told in images by Pascal Bagot, author of the book. An event organised by Will Spalding (@corvidaetattoo), tattoo artist and owner of the Crow Temple studio.

Book online at Crow Temple. Price: £10.