For Paris Photo, I’ll be at the Polka Factory gallery for a book signing on Saturday 12 November.


Meet me at 14, rue Saint Gilles in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, from 2pm. The launch of the collector’s edition of the tattoo writer will also be taking place. Published in 2022, the book features photographs by Japanese writer Akimitsu Takagi of Japanese tattooing in Tokyo in the 1950s.

the tattoo writer collector’s edition

This collector’s edition includes the last 20 copies (2 x 10) of the first edition of the book (700 copies) published in 2022. Each copy comes with a black and white silver print. There is a choice of two images: the first depicts two tattooed women in Tokyo (ca.1955); the second shows a man whose back is tattooed with a large Japanese hannya mask (ca.1955). The prints were made by Pierluigi -Pilou- Giannetti in 15×21 format. Each print is numbered and authenticated with a dry stamp. The sale price is set at : 270€.

Special Paris Photo collector’s packaging – Polka Factory

An original cover was made specifically for this edition from the printing sheets (photos and text) of the first print run brought back from the Italian printer EBS last March. It required meticulous framing, cutting, gluing and folding. The result is a unique sleeve, closed by an original sticker, which adorns each copy. To see more, visit the tattoo writer’s Instagram account.

Paris Photo, the world of photography

The Paris Photo festival is one of the biggest international fairs dedicated to photography. For three days it brings together professionals from all over the world (gallery owners, publishers, etc.). Traditionally held at the Grand Palais, this year the fair is moving to the Grand Palais Éphémère on the Champ de Mars. It will take place from 10 to 13 November 2022.

the tattoo writer is also likely to be reprinted. No date yet, but a second edition is being considered…

Collector's edition of the tattoo writer
Handmade cover of the collector's edition