Just a few months after the Ulule campaign to print the tattoo writer, the book has sold out!

This first print run (700 copies) went out in record time. The feedback so far has exceeded all my expectations. For me and for all the people who contributed to the design of the book, they are the greatest reward of all. They are also the finest recognition of the value of Akimitsu Takagi’s forgotten testimony. To think that he almost disappeared. Once again, THANK YOU all!

the tattoo writer sent around the world

The book featuring Akimitsu Takagi’s photographs of the Japanese tattoo scene in Tokyo in the 1950s has been sent to the four corners of the world. In France, Germany, England, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Norway. But also in Japan, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan…

What next?

There are no plans to reprint the book at the moment. But if you’d like to be kept informed, please let me know by email at info@thetattoowriter.com. In the meantime, collectors beware: it’s highly likely that an ultra-limited edition of the last copies of this first print run – already a collector’s item – will be coming out soon.

A living work

I’m still delighted by the enthusiasm generated by this project. It helps to keep alive the work of this tattoo-mad Japanese novelist, long after his death. His work has been the subject of an astonishing rediscovery in recent years. Following its translation in France in 2016 by Denoël, his first novel Irezumi has been published twice more in Europe. It has been released in England, the land of Agatha Christie, under the title The Tattoo Murder. In Italy, the land of giallo and fumetti, it has been published as : Il Mistero Della Donna Tatuata (Einaudi).

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